Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tips for your next Boudoir Shoot (What you need to know)

Hettinger Photography is the #1 Boudoir Photographer in Northeastern Missouri and Southern Iowa! Doing over 60 boudoir sessions every year and counting!

What should I bring to my boudoir photo session?
We suggests that you bring a few of your favorite lingerie ensembles. A sleek corset or flirty babydoll

are popular choices, as well as the ever classic boyshorts, stilettos, and a knockout pushup bra.

What should I wear for my boudoir shoot?
The first thing that likely comes to mind when you think "boudoir" is sexy, risqué, and provocative: corsets, fishnet stockings, get the picture. However, we absolutely recommend you wear what YOU feel comfortable in - everyone's idea of what constitutes sexy is different. Also keep in mind that what a guy finds sexy may be completely different from your ideas - consider his white button-up, a sports jersey, well-worn jeans or jean shorts, or just a sharp jacket by itself. Think outside the box!

Will my photographer have any lingerie available for me to use?
Because women's bodies and sizes vary infinitely, we prefer you wear your own attire. While we provide assorted props to use during your shoot, the lingerie should be what fits you best, not one-size-fits-all.

What about hair and makeup?
Unless you know how to do camera-ready make-up on yourself, then professional make-up for your boudoir shoot is a must! Lucky for you, we offer hair and makeup services as an add-on to your package, so you'll look wonderful.

I’m not as young or as fit as I used to be, and I'm not sure how to look sexy. Will boudoir still work for me?
Posing, expression, props, creative lighting, and the right lingerie can make every woman look sexier.

How much skin will I be showing in my boudoir photo shoot? 
This is totally up to you! In most cases, the more skin you show, the more your photos will make him sweat, but sometimes less is more and we want to make sure you're totally comfortable and having fun during your boudoir shoot.

Should I go tanning before my photography session?
No way! Rush tanning can make you look aged, splotchy, and detract from the dramatic effects of your photos. The camera loves you the way you are!

I don’t want my photos to end up online - will these be posted on your website or in brochures?
We NEVER use your photos in promotional materials without your explicit permission beforehand.

What if I want to come in with a friend?
If you have friends that are interested in boudoir, you should consider hosting a boudoir party with us! If you just want a friend present to help you feel more comfortable, that's fine as well. Whatever makes you feel the best on your special day!

What should I eat before the shoot?
Try to eat a light meal before the shoot. We don't want your stomach to growl while you're shooting!

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