Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding the Right Wedding Diamond Rings

So, you’ve finally found the one and are ready to pop the questions. Before you do this, you will want to go ahead and buy a ring. Of course, the pressure to find the perfect wedding diamond rings can be staggering. After all, this piece of jewelry is one she will wear every day for the rest of her life if she agrees. She has probably thought about the perfect wedding diamond rings for her whole life. And you, as a man, may not have ever given a first thought to what makes wedding diamond rings beautiful, or what makes one better than the next.

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First of all, you should consider your budget. While this is an important decision, you do not want to break the bank by buying wedding diamond rings. After all, you will need some money for the wedding, honeymoon, and not to mention your life together. Depending on how practical you need to be, there are wedding diamond rings to suit any budget. You can spend less than a hundred or several tens of thousands of dollars. So if price is an issue, figure out ahead of time a conservative estimate of how much you can spend on wedding diamond rings. It will make shopping easier if you have a budget.

Then, you have to figure out what she might like in wedding diamond rings. The first question to ask is what metal is best for the base. Most men don’t realize that women tend to have very specific preferences in metal jewelry. A woman who wears only silver and white gold will generally hate a yellow gold ring. On the contrary, a woman who wears yellow gold exclusively will probably dislike wedding diamond rings that are white gold or platinum. In order to determine this, look at the jewelry she wears on a regular basis. If you have a difficult time with this, you can buy her inexpensive jewelry and see how she reacts. Once you have determined her metal preference, you can begin your search.

It is often helpful to have a female friend or family member of your future fiancée help you search for the perfect wedding diamond rings for her. They might have valuable insight into exactly what type of ring she will want. A female friend might have noticed things about her and her tastes that might have escaped your notice. You don’t want to spend large amounts of money on something that she won’t like. Of course, if you just can’t afford expensive wedding diamond rings, there are alternatives.

First you can go for lab fabricated diamonds or cubic zirconium. You can choose a ring with a high quality metal setting (gold or platinum) and a less expensive stone. With this option, you can replace the stones with real diamonds as you have the funds. It can become a wonderful anniversary tradition to replace a stone in the ring. However, if you go this route, do not attempt to pass the ring off as real. Make sure your fiancée is aware of the situation and the plan. You should also know your future fiancée well enough to determine whether or not she will have a problem with this. There are also other alternatives, from choosing an alternate stone (such as ruby or emerald) to tattooing your rings on your fingers. Whatever you choose, make sure your bride is on board

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