Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Free Photo Session Give-A-Way

Here is how you enter for the Free Session

1. Like Hettinger Photography on Facebook by CLICKING HERE <-----Then click "Like"
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2. At the bottom of this BLOG (under the picture) you will see Facebook LOGO right under Joshua Hettinger" and to the left of the  +1 (Click on the F) to Share with Facebook!

3.  Click Share Link!

  • Contest will end on February 20th
  • Winner will be randomly selected 
 Good luck to everyone who enters!

Meeting the Photographer! (Josh Hettinger)

Well for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Josh Hettinger. I am the owner and photographer for Hettinger Photography.  I have been doing photography professionally for the past 5 years.  I first became interested in photography when I took an elective photography class in college.  I knew I wanted to become a photographer when I could understand what all the terms meant like ISO, shutter speed, F-Stop, hot shoe and the other terms out there.  I had so much extra credit in that class it wasn’t even funny! I guess you could say it all just kind of came naturally to me!

I now have a studio located in Kirksville, MO right behind Downtown Cinema 8 and right above Sunspot Tanning.  The studio is located at 111 N Main Suite 107in Kirksville.  Feel free to stop by anytime!

Make sure you also check out other helpful tips this blog has to offer! Some of them are: How to look sexy for your photo shoot, what you should wear to your next photo session, and how to apply makeup for a photo shoot.  You can even advertise your business on our blog

                                                  -Josh Hettinger

Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Ready for a Photo Shoot Everytime (Makeup Tips)

With the widespread availability of camera phones, portable digi-cams, SLR or point and shoot cameras, photo shoots need not to be in a studio anymore. May it be creative shots, simple family portraits, or just even random shoots, you have to admit that you want to look good in these photos. This guide will help you apply makeup like you’re ready for a photo shoot every-time.

Tip #1
Do Your Makeup a Bit Heavier than Usual
If you’re used to your usual day-to-day makeup, you might want to accentuate a little more. Makeup in photos, especially those taken in studios or rooms where there are a lot of lights, tend to look pale or fade out. Your makeup doesn’t really have to be very dark, just a bit heavy. Once you have applied your first layer, powder it down and go back and apply another layer. You can try to have a few more pats of powder or blush and another swipe of gloss.

Tip #2
Always Lighten Under the Eyes
As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Photos often reveal how one feels just by looking at their smile, gestures, and most importantly, the eyes. Always lighten under the eyes and around the entire eye because we want the eyes to be bright and sparkly. It is recommended to use a concealer that is a lighter shade than the usual.

Tip #3
Enhance Some Areas of Your Face Using Makeup
The light around you or the in the studio as well as the camera flash will actually hit certain areas of the face so, it is advisable to enhance some areas of your face. You can enhance the bridge of your nose as well as the top of your forehead and chin area. These are areas that the light will hit first so, You might want to actually soften them with foundation to make your face look nice and shine-free in the picture.

Information came from http://www.hotmakeuptips.com/

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ten Tips on How to Feel Relaxed & Sexy when being Photographed

Glamour Shot in Studio
Boudoir Shoot in COMO
1. Focus on Having Fun
Make your goal to have fun, not to get great shots - that’s my job :) Everyone looks their best when they’re genuinely having a great time.

2. Visualize
Make it a practice to see the experience of having a great time, feeling sexy, everything going smoothly, seeing the photos and loving them. Be specific and visualize from your point of view, as if you’re in it.

3. Get Inspired
Look at movies and art for inspiration, tear pages out of magazines and begin to recognize your style and sensibility… what is sexy to you? This will help you communicate with your photographer and help guide the shoot.

4. Show Up With All You’ve Got

When I say show up, I don’t mean to just show up. Bring it. And be open. You deserve all the credit for the success, because you showed up, really stretched way outside your comfort zone and give it all you have.

5. Be Sensual

Use your five senses during the shoot: play music, have a bite of chocolate, a sip of wine, put on a favorite scent, wear a kick-ass outfit you feel great in, and think of memories that make you blush, smile, and sweat… Do everything and (well, almost) anything that gets you hot.

6. Be Silly

Any shyness tends to go right out the window after the first few minutes or so of being silly.   Just goof off and have fun! See how outrageous and silly you can be - it’s easier for the photographer to tone you down, rather than fire you up!

7. Create Movement
I often hear but I don’t know how to pose. Well that’s good, let’s not do that! Create a little action, however, so there’s energy in every shot. C’mon you all know how to flirt!
Columbia, MO
Glamour Shoot in Peoria, IL

8. Remember the Context
The sheer fact that you’re in front of the camera being photographed is damn sexy… it’s powerful and vulnerable at the same time, which is an unbeatable combo - enjoy it!

9. Fake It
I’m not telling you to fake the real deal, but if you don’t feel 100% confident and sexy while on a photo shoot, FAKE it. Works every time.

10. Be Yourself
Honor who you are, in this moment. Don’t wait to lose a few pounds. (Besides, I’m a pro at retouching, and Photoshop is the best personal trainer in the world - more on that in another post!) But it’s important that you FEEL sexy, so if working out for a few weeks is going to do that, then great. But let’s not wait for all the planets to be aligned and your bangs to be the right length. The time is now. You are sexy and beautiful just as you are.

Fantasy Black Shoot

Fantasy Black in Kirksville, MO Studio
The Twins that we Photographed
Even you know how to Flirt!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Maternity Photos by Hettinger Photography

Providing Beautiful, Artistic, Natural maternity photos and pregnancy photography for clients who want only the best in Kirksville, Columbia, Quincy, IL & Iowa City, IA. Josh Hettinger with Hettinger Photography has captured many mothers-to-be maternity portraits. Hettinger Photography loves doing this sort of work because of the intimacy and beauty inherent to this kind of photography. Our approach is Creative, Artistic and Photojournalistic.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why do people contact Hettinger Photography to take their Boudoir Photographs?

Well, that's because we are the Top Boudoir Photographer in Northeastern Missouri and around the Tri-States.  If you live in Columbia, MO, Quincy, IL, Iowa City, IA & Kirksville, MO and need a Boudoir Photographer; we would be more than happy to help you! We have the best equipment to get the job done right to make sure your photos look amazing! We photograph around 60+ boudoir clients each year!  Hettinger Photography also does Outdoor Boudoir  and Couples Boudoir! Make sure you view our Facebook Boudoir Page for more example!

                                                                          -Josh Hettinger

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winner of the Fantasy Black Photo Shoot

Okay so here is the post that everyone has been waiting for; the winner of the Fantasy Black photo shoot contest! We had over 340 votes submitted and after adding them all up the Winner in first place is......

 #16 is our WINNER! Who wins the Free Fantasy Black Photo Shoot


In 2nd place is #1 (Who can received 50% off of her session if she wants to use it toward the Fantasy Black Photo Shoot)

In 3rd place is #13 (Who can received 35% off of her session if she wants to use it toward the Fantasy Black Photo Shoot)


We would like to thank all of the girls that entered the contest and everyone who voted. Please remember to Vote for our next contest on the right side of this page at the top! And remember to like our FacebookBoudoir Page!

                                                                -Josh Hettinger

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photography Posing Tips for Models


Most beautiful photographs don’t come naturally even with the most beautiful models. A photographer can give you some photo tips and guide you through a variety of model poses throughout the photo shoot. But whether you aspire to appear in print magazines or do high fashion shows, these modeling poses and photo tips will help you achieve more perfect photographs.
  1. Breathe
    Do not hold your breath for a modeling pose; always remember to breathe and appear at ease. 
  2. Posture
    Keep your back straight and your shoulders up. Slouching affects the mood of the photograph and enlarges the appearances of your stomach. Flex your stomach muscles. This will make your abdomen appear more toned despite your weight or state of shape.
  3. Limbs
    When posing, make sure to differentiate your arms and legs with asymmetrical poses. If you have one arm long and straight by your side, make sure the other arm is bent. The bend will make the modeling pose look more real, less artificial. Continue the asymmetry to your legs. If one leg is locked straight, give the other leg a casual bend.
  4. Camera
    Do not always look directly into the camera. To enhance the quality of your photo shoot, look away from the camera with a mix of head and eye poses. Your head and neck can remain stationary and your eyes can do all the work. Look off to the right or left side.  Tilt your neck. Try different facial expressions.
  5. Sitting Poses
    Don’t slack off during sitting poses. If you are sitting down or reclining, put your weight on the back of one thigh, rather than distributing your weight equally on both thighs. This pose will result in a slimming effect!
  6. Cleavage
    While leaning forward bring your arms together at your waist, keep your arms straight at the elbows and clasp your hands together below your waist, or simply cross your arms.  When leaning backward, raise your arms about your shoulders and head, keep your arms apart. Both poses will help maximize your cleavage.
  7. Smile
    To add variety to your modeling poses, try switching up your smile with a cute frown, a bratty bout, a friendly laugh, or even an edgy scowl. Your facial expressions can make or break your modeling poses.

Information comes from www.Actingmodeling.com

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tips for your next Boudoir Shoot (What you need to know)

Hettinger Photography is the #1 Boudoir Photographer in Northeastern Missouri and Southern Iowa! Doing over 60 boudoir sessions every year and counting!

What should I bring to my boudoir photo session?
We suggests that you bring a few of your favorite lingerie ensembles. A sleek corset or flirty babydoll

are popular choices, as well as the ever classic boyshorts, stilettos, and a knockout pushup bra.

What should I wear for my boudoir shoot?
The first thing that likely comes to mind when you think "boudoir" is sexy, risqué, and provocative: corsets, fishnet stockings, vinyl...you get the picture. However, we absolutely recommend you wear what YOU feel comfortable in - everyone's idea of what constitutes sexy is different. Also keep in mind that what a guy finds sexy may be completely different from your ideas - consider his white button-up, a sports jersey, well-worn jeans or jean shorts, or just a sharp jacket by itself. Think outside the box!

Will my photographer have any lingerie available for me to use?
Because women's bodies and sizes vary infinitely, we prefer you wear your own attire. While we provide assorted props to use during your shoot, the lingerie should be what fits you best, not one-size-fits-all.

What about hair and makeup?
Unless you know how to do camera-ready make-up on yourself, then professional make-up for your boudoir shoot is a must! Lucky for you, we offer hair and makeup services as an add-on to your package, so you'll look wonderful.

I’m not as young or as fit as I used to be, and I'm not sure how to look sexy. Will boudoir still work for me?
Posing, expression, props, creative lighting, and the right lingerie can make every woman look sexier.

How much skin will I be showing in my boudoir photo shoot? 
This is totally up to you! In most cases, the more skin you show, the more your photos will make him sweat, but sometimes less is more and we want to make sure you're totally comfortable and having fun during your boudoir shoot.

Should I go tanning before my photography session?
No way! Rush tanning can make you look aged, splotchy, and detract from the dramatic effects of your photos. The camera loves you the way you are!

I don’t want my photos to end up online - will these be posted on your website or in brochures?
We NEVER use your photos in promotional materials without your explicit permission beforehand.

What if I want to come in with a friend?
If you have friends that are interested in boudoir, you should consider hosting a boudoir party with us! If you just want a friend present to help you feel more comfortable, that's fine as well. Whatever makes you feel the best on your special day!

What should I eat before the shoot?
Try to eat a light meal before the shoot. We don't want your stomach to growl while you're shooting!

"To view Hettinger Photographys Boudoir site please "CLICK HERE"

Friday, January 20, 2012

What should you wear to your Photo Shoot?

Get creative! Bring hats, cool shoes, boots, jackets, jewelry, scarves-you name it! Got an awesome dress? Feel free to bring that, too. If you're unsure about something, bring it anyway.
Abby McKim (Senior Picture)
Although we want your photo shoot to be "about you," your selection of attire can make a big difference between snap shots and beautiful portraits! Below you will find a brief outline of how to prepare yourself for your session:

Black and burgundy are colors that work well with dark backgrounds. On the other hand, denim, pastels, and whites work better with light backgrounds and with most outdoor settings.

Long sleeves are usually best; bare arms usually distract from the beauty of the face! You might consider bringing different items for different poses. However, the key here is to wear something that's comfortable. If you are not at ease with how you look, this will show in your photographs!

Keep your jewelry to a minimum. Metals tend to create unwanted reflections. If you wear earrings, keep them small.

If you do your own makeup, carefully apply foundation with a clean makeup sponge. Then apply a loose skintone powder. Apply blusher with a clean and dry makeup sponge. Then use a soft brush to apply a final layer of loose powder to eliminate harsh blusher outlines. Apply mascara lightly. Use an eyebrow pencil to improve your natural eyebrow line. Apply lip liner and fill in with a good lipstick. Lastly, be careful not to get makeup on your clothes! Dress first and then protect your attire with a cape or plastic cover.

If you want to tie back your hair, do not wear a big bow. Use a barrette or other similar accessory. You may consider fixing your hair differently for different poses. If you do this it is a 
Garren Howard (Senior Picture)
good idea to bring a hair brush and water spray bottle. If you dye your hair, make sure that your roots are not beginning to show! Many pictures are spoiled by the natural color roots appearing under the new color. Also, dying the hair often leaves it dry and brittle. If this happens, it is a good idea to add mousse or another moisturizer to the hair prior to your photo-shoot. If your hair looks good, we can focus on composition!

And Finally...

This is your day! We want you to relax and have fun and let your good looks from within shine!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

iPad Blog Test

Alright so here is the first blog test that I am creating on my iPad. Lets just see how well this really turns out! Posting the picture was pretty easy so that a good start!..lol If anyone is wondering what I am creating this post on its called..BLOGSY you can find it in that app store. Ok well lets just create a link going to our website. If you click on Hettinger Photography it should take you to our website! The only thing I really need to try next is upload a YouTube video..and I will try that at the end of the post.                                                                              
16 Year Old from Peoria, IL
16 Year Old From Peoria, IL that we Photographed
 Alright well since I made you read all that I will give you a few photography tips! Some of you will probably already know this, but you never want to forget the little things.
  1. Get down to your subjects level
  2. Stick with the 1/3 method
  3. And use your flash outdoors  
And here is the Youtube Video post! Over all I give the Blogsy app. 3.5 out of 5 f/spots..lol

   (Hettinger Photography's Lil' Cowboy Man!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Session Discounts

Session prices have dropped until Feb 14 2012! Call today or send us an email (660.234.5155 or Hettingerphotography@gmail.com) Session just needs to be booked before Feb 14, 2012, the photo shoot can be anytime this year! Also check out our website www.HettingerPhotography.net!
Hettinger Photography Price Drop!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fantasy Black Photo Shoot Contest Girls

Fantasy Black Contest Girls
Alright here are the girls that entered the Fantasy black photo shoot contest! We are changing how the voting process goes! BECAUSE Facebook does not allow picture competitions on facebook... So below is what you will need to do to VOTE!
(What is the fantasy black contest...well CLICK HERE to find out....(after you vote...lol)

Step 1. Find the girl that you want to vote for!

Step 2. Under the picture will be a number! Send us an email with the picture number in the subject line of the email! (ONE VOTE PER PERSON!) We will be checking email address to make sure :)

Step 3. To vote CLICK HERE! <-----  ( or send it to HettingerPhotography@gmail.com)

I think that i should be a part of the black collection because i think that we can get some great....no not great...but some AMAZING JAW DROPPING shots! I have been working hard to become a better model (working on poses and facial expressions). There are not too many african american models in this area so i def want to be able to take some gr8 pics so that i can represent for the women of color in this area! I hope that i get a chance to be a part of the black collection


I would love to win the photo session because it would be a wonderful way to start off the New Year! It's just what I need to help put a fresh start on this year & this new journey I have recently begun!

I think I should be chosen because ur work is awesome. Our styles are very similar so when you put the 2 together I think we could collaborate and make awesome work!

I'm 23 years old and i am entering this contest for a chance to show my boyfriend that after nearly 3 years i can still be full of surprises! He does so much for me every single day that I would love to do this for him. It would be a prefect Valentines Day Gift!! Please vote for me!!!

I would like a free session. Not only because I want to see if I still
have the look for it. I miss doing this. I don't have the money to get
a session because I am raising three kids and I work at Walmart. They
don't pay well at all. But it was all I could find. I may have a few
tattoos. But I am who I am because of everything I have been through.

I would like this shoot because.... I love the camera and the camera loves me. LOL jk, well, there are a few reasons, I am trying to get some more pics for my portfolio, and also I dont get to do a lot of things for myself; single mom, 2 jobs.. BUT this would be something fun for me to do for me.

I'm full time manager and cosmetologist at Cost Cutters. I'm also a mother of two beautiful children. This shoot would be awesome to win. I've been wanting to book a session with you since last spring. I love your photos. I just struggle with the idea of spending all that money on myself when I have two kids to provide for.

I would like to win the fantasy photo shoot because my life has dramatically changed in the past few months i have realized i want live life without regrets because i am a beautiful strong independent woman.

I want this free session, because I enjoy taking pictures & want to somewhat pursue a career in modeling of some sort..if I got this session, it would help me start with my portfolio..and would be a lot of fun! Pick me!!:)

Hi, my name is Kristina Morrone. Everyone has always told me I should model and it has always been a dream of mine but I need to get started somewhere. I believe that this photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to take some really amazing pictures and maybe it could jump start my modeling career.

My husband is at basic training right now for the army and will soon start again he has been gone since oct 17th with two weeks off for Christmas break. We won’t be together again till the end of march.

I want to win the fantasy black photo shoot contest because I'm 26, almost  27 year old single mom of two. I just recently had my second only a month ago as you know. I'm working really hard to not only get my body back to the pre-pregnancy norm but toned and in the best shape ever and I would love to have some great professional photos to show that off that I look back on years from now and say, "That was me at 26 after two kids!"

My name is Stephanie. I'm a single mother of 2 wonderfully obnoxious girls and I work 2 nursing jobs. I spend most my time in scrubs or sweats and have no time to feel pretty or confident. I loved my previous pictures by Hettinger Photography and would love more than anything to have the opportunity again to feel like a beautiful woman!

Well, I am a married, working mother of two. In the last year I've recently lost 45 pounds :) As you can see in the picture! I think this would be the perfect reward for me, and my husband! :)

I would like the free photo session because I have been trying to see myself in a beautiful way. I do not have extra money to afford this kind of session to see the beauty that you capture with your fantasy sessions. I work hard with a full time job while trying to get my bachelors degree. I am petite and curvy but have been slimming down my waist through Zumba and want to show it off! I just want to feel sexy! Being single is hard enough! Lol

I feel as if I could bring a new look to Hettinger Photography.  I have reviewed your work and I know that I can be something different, fresh and exotic for your business.

Send us an email with the picture number in the subject line of the email! (ONE VOTE PER PERSON!) We will be checking email address to make sure :)
send email to HettingerPhotography@gmail.com

Also like our Boudoir Facebook page and follow us on Twitter
and check out our website! www.HettingerPhotography.net

Friday, January 13, 2012

Contest is about over!

DOWN TO HOURS LEFT! Enter NOW before its to late!! CONTEST WILL CLOSE @ 12:00 PM SATURDAY!

Step 1. Email a picture of yourself to hettingerphotography@gmail.com
Step 2. Let us know why you want the free session

Hettinger Photography Fantasy Black Photo shoot Contest

Old Cars in Fun Places

What photographer doesn't love taking pictures by old cars! Here are some that we have taken by an old Volkswagen and Cadillac! We have a lot of property to photography on with over 10 old vehicles, with land in Kirksville and Knox county. I will post more of the old cars later, but you can view www.HettingerPhotography.net to see more!