Monday, March 19, 2012

March Contest Winner for the Modeling/Glamour Shoot

All the votes are in for the Free Modeling/Glamour Shoot! The Winner of the March Contest is....

Tatiana Diaz

Second place was Stephanie McGrew (She will receive 50% off of a Modeling/Glamour Session)


And third place was Sherrie Fortson (She will received 35% off of a Modeling/Glamour Session)

For all the others who entered, they will received 20% off of a Modeling/Glamour Session 
(all discounted sessions must be booked before 4/19/12 to receive)

NEW CONTEST... (Read Below)
We are now accepting pictures for the April Contest! If you would like to enter please send us a picture of yourself along with your name and age to, Contest voting will start 4/21/12 and voting will end on 5/5/12....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Model Posing Tips when working with a Professional Photographer

Whether you are searching for a career in fashion modeling or glamour modeling, it is very important for you to realize that there is more to becoming a model than just standing there looking beautiful. 

One very important factor in becoming a good model is posing, and in order for you to learn the different poses needed for the type of modeling career you are seeking it will take practice, practice, practice.

Make Your Posing Look Natural  
When preparing for your photo shoot, there are numerous steps you can take to ensure you are comfortable while posing and your photos will look more natural.

Get Posing Ideas 
Before you head to your photo shoot, pick at least ten poses you really like from fashion or glamour magazines, or poses you’ve learned from previous photo shoots. Take time to practice each pose in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable and have the confidence of knowing you look great doing these poses.

Hands and Facial Expression  
Also, focus on what to do with your hands and pay attention to facial expressions. A pose is virtually dead and unimaginative without a “look”. You should be able to close your eyes, imagine a thought, open your eyes and sell that thought. Practice this technique and your photos will come alive.

Become an Idea Factory  
Unless you are shooting for an advertising agency or some other type of special interest session many photographers recommend that you bring some of your own posing ideas to the shoot. In addition to your ideas, the photographer may have his or her own idea of how the session should go.

Bond with Your Photographer  
Always work with a photographer you feel you can trust. This will make communication between the two of you easier and give you the confidence to express your own ideas.

Always listen to what the photographer tells you. If you are really uncomfortable with the pose, let your photographer know how you feel, in a nice way. Remember, he is looking through the camera lens and might see something you don’t.

If the photographer says he wants something different in the pose, try looking away from the camera or giving a unique facial expression. This is where your practice in front of the mirror really pays.

When posing you should always keep good posture unless the photographer instructs you to do otherwise. Hold your stomach in to give your abdomen a more toned appearance. If you have gained a few pounds stick out your chin a little to avoid the appearance of a double chin in your photos.

Keep your fingers slightly apart and pointed away from the lens. Let your hands fall naturally into position whenever possible. Remember, you want to be yourself – on purpose.

Now that you have learned what to do, consider these things you should try to avoid while posing.

Things to Avoid when Posing for a Photographer:

Misplaced Body Language  
Body language and expressions come naturally but the language you are projecting might not be what your photographer wants in a particular pose. You need to conciously focus on ways to prevent these habits while posing.

Don’t hold your breath during a pose. Stay relaxed and your photos will look as if you just happened to be sitting this way when the photographer walked up.

In most pose situations you want your arms, legs, wrists, etc. slightly bent unless you are directed to do otherwise Most people don’t stand or sit with their arms and legs completely stiff. A good point to remember is, if it will bend, bend it.

Mona Lisa Smile?  
Another posing tip to remember is that you don’t always have to smile. You should have a good variety of smiling and serious looks. But, sometimes you will want to give a large, open-mouthed laugh. If you are supposed to be happy, look the part!

Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul  
Don’t always look straight into the camera. When you cut your eyes to the left or right, you create an air of mystery. When you look up and away, you are annoyed. Tilt your chin slightly down and look straight ahead for a sexy look.

About Blinking  
Beware of the Blink! If you have to blink, try to blink between exposures. This is not always easy, especially if you are working in a photography studio. Some models get into a habit of anticipating the strobes and start to close their eyes when the picture is about to be snapped.

Get into the habit of not paying attention to the flash and concentrate on the pose, your body language, hand position, etc. and your images will come out as you expect.

Be Bold!!  
Never be afraid to try out some of your own poses in front of your photographer. Most photographers are glad to hear suggestions from you.

How do You See Yourself?  
When you look at your final images don’t be critical of yourself. Find positive ways to improve your posing. Discover your strengths and weaknesses and shoot for the stars.

I am certain that Tyra Banks still works on her appearance and her posing artistry even though she has achieved a degree of stardom. Shouldn’t you?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Top Lingerie Brands

Women enjoy feeling sexy, and what better way to initiate that feeling than with new lingerie? Check out these top picks for lingerie online stores. That sexy look is only a few clicks away.

The picks:

Victoria's Secret

Nearly every woman is familiar with this store, usually glazed and bedazzled in pink. However, Victoria's Secret also offers womens lingerie on their online website so that you can make your lingerie selections without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Also, the website has many options that are not always carried in your local store. Victoria's Secret online is a great choice for women who want a store where they already are familiar with the sort of merchandise available.

Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves offers bras in a wide variety, from size A all the way to size J, with everything in between. The site is easy to navigate and even has an outlet section where you can buy underwear for as low as two dollars per pair.

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities provides many selections needed for more of an everyday use rather than those special occasions when you want to light a spark. Bare Necessities sells the sort of lingerie that will leave you feeling sexy but comfortable and covered so that you won't be embarrassed if someone walks in on you while you're changing.

Cameo Intimates

For lingerie online that's still made "from scratch" and available as a custom order, you'll want to check out Cameo Intimates. Cameo offers a wide variety of selections reminiscent of a time gone by, and if you find that you can't fit into any of the standard sizes available, the intimate items of your dreams are only a special order away, as this company will custom fit any pattern to your order. Shop away!

There are a wide variety of websites today specializing in women's lingerie, so make sure you shop around before you settle for the nearest retail store. Choosing intimate items to wear can be fun and enjoyable when your selections are just a few clicks of the mouse away.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The iPad - 4 Reasons Why You'll Love it

The iPad has had great success ever since its launch on April 3rd by Apple. It symbolizes a revolution in a number of ways seeing that it is formally regarded to have released a brand new class of device that lies between a smartphone and a laptop. The iPad is a feel based computing tool which functions on a variation of the really fashionable iPhone running system with a incredible multi-touch capacitive LCD display that is a genuine delight to use.

The iPad is suitable for individuals whose computing needs are light and in our own practice we found the iPad to be a overall delight when utilized in the following ways -

Browsing & Email - For those who merely want to mooch around on their couch or bed, the iPad would make for an awesome browsing experience. The screen looks awesome whether you view it in landscape or portrait function and the touch reaction is phenomenal. It’s a snap to pinch-to-zoom and the finger-based direction is something you will fall in love with.

It is way lighter in weight than a laptop and it's got a incredible battery life with early testers reporting battery lasts about 10 hours and in some cases even longer. We also loved the fact that you can automatically switch it on because there is no need to boot it or shut it down. However the one downside is that it doesn’t support flash browsing so you can forget about tending to your plants and animals in Farmville. Never the less, for any other type of browsing, the iPad is a definate winner.

Read Comics & Newspapers - There may well be a time when the traditional old style newspaper and magazines ceases to exist and the iPad may well be the reason for that as you can download and read newspapers, magazines and comics from the Web. There are applications of which allow you to read The New York Times or USA today and it's much faster than in actual fact going to their website. It's also awesome for reading comics since you can press down and have one scene load up the entire screen – this enables you to check out and see your comics in fascinating intricacy.

 Unbelievable E-Reader - Reading on the iPad is really a splendid encounter. The layout is incredibly relatively easy and you can browse to your library in the portrait mode in a extremely great way. You have got a chapter button, and different font size choices at the same time as a search drop down alternative too. It is simple to modify the brightness and the page turning animations are just plain sexy. You can do a long press to call up the copy/paste function or bookmark the page or bring out the dictionary or search options. All in all, it gives you a incredible reading experience and makes you feel as if you are literally holding a book in your own hands.

Lightning Speed - One of the features we love the most about the iPad is the user interface. It is the same interface as the iPhone but it’s backed up by a quicker processor. If you are used to using the iPhone then you will be blown away by how fast the iPad is. It's super fast and there’s no sluggishness or slowness at any point. The super fast user interface is unlike anything you've ever experienced - it leaves desktop computers and netbooks in the dust.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Need a new Facebook Picture!

Do you want a new FACEBOOK profile picture that will stand out and ROCK! Well for $20.00 we will do a 15 minute shoot and post 2 of your pictures on Facebook for you! This offer is only good from March 6-9 (next week) ONLY! We will also offer a DVD of the pictures, if you are interested! To schedule a time or if you have any question call 660.234.5155 or send us an email to
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding the Right Wedding Diamond Rings

So, you’ve finally found the one and are ready to pop the questions. Before you do this, you will want to go ahead and buy a ring. Of course, the pressure to find the perfect wedding diamond rings can be staggering. After all, this piece of jewelry is one she will wear every day for the rest of her life if she agrees. She has probably thought about the perfect wedding diamond rings for her whole life. And you, as a man, may not have ever given a first thought to what makes wedding diamond rings beautiful, or what makes one better than the next.

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First of all, you should consider your budget. While this is an important decision, you do not want to break the bank by buying wedding diamond rings. After all, you will need some money for the wedding, honeymoon, and not to mention your life together. Depending on how practical you need to be, there are wedding diamond rings to suit any budget. You can spend less than a hundred or several tens of thousands of dollars. So if price is an issue, figure out ahead of time a conservative estimate of how much you can spend on wedding diamond rings. It will make shopping easier if you have a budget.

Then, you have to figure out what she might like in wedding diamond rings. The first question to ask is what metal is best for the base. Most men don’t realize that women tend to have very specific preferences in metal jewelry. A woman who wears only silver and white gold will generally hate a yellow gold ring. On the contrary, a woman who wears yellow gold exclusively will probably dislike wedding diamond rings that are white gold or platinum. In order to determine this, look at the jewelry she wears on a regular basis. If you have a difficult time with this, you can buy her inexpensive jewelry and see how she reacts. Once you have determined her metal preference, you can begin your search.

It is often helpful to have a female friend or family member of your future fiancée help you search for the perfect wedding diamond rings for her. They might have valuable insight into exactly what type of ring she will want. A female friend might have noticed things about her and her tastes that might have escaped your notice. You don’t want to spend large amounts of money on something that she won’t like. Of course, if you just can’t afford expensive wedding diamond rings, there are alternatives.

First you can go for lab fabricated diamonds or cubic zirconium. You can choose a ring with a high quality metal setting (gold or platinum) and a less expensive stone. With this option, you can replace the stones with real diamonds as you have the funds. It can become a wonderful anniversary tradition to replace a stone in the ring. However, if you go this route, do not attempt to pass the ring off as real. Make sure your fiancée is aware of the situation and the plan. You should also know your future fiancée well enough to determine whether or not she will have a problem with this. There are also other alternatives, from choosing an alternate stone (such as ruby or emerald) to tattooing your rings on your fingers. Whatever you choose, make sure your bride is on board