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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is Boudoir Right for you?

If your confidence is letting you down and you are not feeling any beautiful, Boudoir Art could be they key. With all the surrounding norms setting all the standards, it will be sometimes difficult for you to establish yourself in a prejudice world. More often than not, it is most likely that you tend to stay behind the shadows and hide all your potentials. When your issue about yourself arises, Boudoir art could bring back that lost soul in you.
Asian girl boudoir shoot in Kitchen
Photo by Josh Hettinger
Well, Boudoir does not encourage inappropriate show of skin as most people would have perceived it. Boudoir inevitably tackles more the alluring aspect of photography. It requires you to be more confident and more comfortable with yourself because Boudoir art believes that there is a greater beauty that is yet to be explored in every woman. It just serves as the foundation of self-confidence and self esteem for every woman. When the thought of doing a Boudoir portrait visits your mind, you must not let yourself pass away this opportunity. Not only it brings out all the best in you, it also helps in making you feel better about yourself.

If you are interested in doing this kind of photography, you must be able to find a photographer who is adept in terms of Boudoir art. Since Boudoir photography entails a sensitive nature, the photographer must make you feel more at home and more comfortable. Any signs of uneasiness will totally ruin the atmosphere and the photo itself. The photographer must also be able to find out about which of your body parts stand out the most. This is a requirement in doing Boudoir art because you will be able to seal all the imperfections in your body.

The most interesting style of Boudoir art is Pin up photography. Pin up photography requires you to be more confident and artistic in each photo. There are several tips on how to deliver a good photo of Pin up photography. Since not everyone has been endowed with a beautiful body, you must be able to find out which projections you must do. By merely knowing how to section the body, it can definitely enhance the outcome of the photo. For example, the position of your legs can hide a large thigh. Your hips can also look slimmer depending on the projection of your waist. With these things in mind, you will be able to create a successful Boudoir portrait.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Photographer's Nude Nightmare by R. Dodge Woodson

Every year I try to bring in a fresh face, or two, for my stable of models. Very little of my recent work involves models. I specialize in wildlife, macro, and nature photography. But, every now and then, I get the urge to make magic with the human form as I did for many years in the past.
I prefer my models to be go-to professionals who can do it all, or at least most anything that comes along. The pain of going through a long list of models to find the right one who is available is something I don't have the time for. If I am looking for a woman to be a mother
with a child in a playground on one shoot and a seductive nude figure study in another session, I want it to be the same person when it is feasible. The more I work with the same models, the better we get to know each other. Our end result is fantastic photos.
Given my rules, most of my models must be willing to model for tasteful nude settings. With this in mind, I state my requirements clearly when I do a casting call for models. My work does not resemble pornography in anyway and is not for the adult market—as it is called on the street.
boudoir photo, by josh hettinger, lady in pink linguie
Photo taken by Josh Hettinger 2011
How Do You Get Nude Models?
How do you get nude models? A lot of people think it is difficult, but it is not. Before I tell you the story of the nude nightmare, let me explain the various methods that I have found to be successful in acquiring models of all types.
If you have a good reputation, you can run advertisements online or in your local newspapers.

You can go to modeling agencies and arrange for models to pose for you.

Word-of-mouth referrals are always good.

I know some people advise photographers to hand out business cards to potential models in general daily life. This is something that I don't recommend. In my opinion, the person handing out the cards can come off sleazy.
How Much Do You Pay For A Nude Model?
Photographers often ask me how much I pay nude models. They are generally shocked by the answers. Here is what I have been doing over the years:
Many newbies and part-time models will trade their time (even in the nude) for professional photos to use with their comp cards and portfolios to present at modeling agencies. You would be amazed at how many people will take their clothes off for a camera without getting paid any money.

Some models take a low rate of payment on an hourly basis, say $8 an hour, and then take pro photos for their portfolios to round up their compensation.

Agency models seem to cost between $60-$100 and hour. I find that $75 an hour is common in my area. It is difficult to afford much of this unless you are shooting an assignment for a paying client.

There are your high-end models getting outrageous money that we won't even talk about here.

Clothed models tend to charge less than nude models.

Now that I have given you an overview, consider that ranked models from legitimate agencies or who work on the side outside of the agencies will pose nude for less than $100 an hour. And these are gorgeous, top-shelf models. This leads us to the nightmare that I experienced recently.

Behind the Smoke and Mirrors
I placed one of my standard ads on a local advertising site. Emails began to come in. There were a number of male models and a few female models. It was a typical, routine model search in a rural location.
Then I got an email with three photos that appeared to be taken at different locations and most likely by different photographers. I made this assumption given my years of experience and trained eye as a master photographer. Something didn't seem right. I don't know really what it was, but it sparked concern for me.
After thinking a bit, I emailed the woman and told her I needed to see some photos that were current and that did not have her in a pro setting. I asked for a full-body shot of her front and back. Since most everyone has a cell phone with a camera in it, I assumed she could get photos back to me quickly. I explained to her that I was pressed for time and would like to see the shots within the next hour and that I didn't care about the background or surrounding elements, only the body elements. I also told her that I needed to know the minimum rate that she would work for in the nude.
My advertisement stated that models would be paid between $8 and $20 an hour and given a DVD of pro photos for their portfolio. It was plain as day in the advertisement.
1. The woman emailed me two photos. She didn't look like the woman in the other photos. In fact, she didn't even come close to looking like the models. Then the bomb dropped. She wanted $100 an hour with a 2 hour minimum charge for a total of $200.      Wait a minute! What is going on here?

I have no facts to base my hypothesis on, but I would be willing to bet that the woman is an undercover prostitute using the modeling scam to avoid law enforcement. There is no way any reputable photographer would consider paying her $100 an hour.
If You Are Looking For a Nude Model
If you are looking for a nude model, be careful. There is a lot of potential risk involved. Insist on the following:
Confirm that all models are of legal age.

Require picture identification.

Have all models sign a model release before mounting a lens on your camera.

Have an assistant on the set with you.

If you have a bad feeling about a situation, avoid it.

Consider setting up a video recorder to capture the shoot on tape.
You can tell the model that you are doing this to see on video what you missed with your still camera, and this can be true. But, the video also helps to protect you from false claims made by a model.
Photography is a wonderful hobby and a rewarding profession. Don't let one bad decision ruin your life forever.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Outdoor Boudoir Special until 6-1-14

curly hair model, in studio, posing boudoir

Tease $200
1 hour photo session
unlimited outfit changes
5 edited proofs online

Tease II - $300
1.5 hour photo session
unlimited outfit changes
10 edited proofs with web proofing

Flirt - $450
2 hour photo session
unlimited outfit changes
DVD of 5 edited images with copyright release

Flirt II - $500
2 hour photo session
unlimited outfit changes

mom, doing boudoir, posing with a corvetteDVD of 10 edited images with copyright release

*Add Hair & Makeup to any package for $75.00

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Session Discounts

Session prices have dropped until Feb 14 2012! Call today or send us an email (660.234.5155 or Session just needs to be booked before Feb 14, 2012, the photo shoot can be anytime this year! Also check out our website!
Hettinger Photography Price Drop!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Pictures

Thought it was time to share some Wedding Pictures! We have been getting a lot of request to photograph Weddings this time of the year..So I'm sure our client & fans of Hettinger Photography would love to see more of our work. Make sure you check out to see a lot more picture! And make sure you like our pages on FaceBook :)  If you have any question or are interested in a shoot you can fill out a request form by clicking this