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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Art Of Make-Up

Like fashion, make-up trends keep changing. But, the basic human desire to apply colors to decorate the face has remained constant. Trends in makeup are actually indicative of the beauty ideals of the times. The 'Natural Look' of today, for instance, reflects the universal swing towards nature and all things natural. For the real art of make-up refer .
Teddi Nichting (model)  Josh Hettinger (photographer)
Applying Make-up
Knowning what is just right for you is the key to applying make-up. You have to take so many aspects into consideration... your age, your skin tone, type and texture, your facial features, the clothes you will be wearing, your plus and minus points. The best thing about today is that you can play around with colors, and cosmetics to achieve the look that suits you best.
Step by Step Make-Up
Foundation: Choose your foundation according to your skin type. Learn how to apply perfect foundation here at
Eye-Brows: Rightly shaped eyebrows are a must! Eyebrows shape the whole makeup.If you wish to define the eyebrows, use light feathery strokes of your eyebrow pencil. At, find how to get a perfect eyebrows!
Eyeshadow: This is the most important part of your eye-makeup, because it can help to recontour the eyes and emphasis to them. Learn tips on applying eyeshadows at
Eyeliner: After applying eyeshadow your next step is to apply a eyeliner. For learning how to apply eyeliner, refer For wide set eyes, emphasize the inner corners of the eyes. For close set eyes, emphasize the outer corners, keeping the inner corners highlighted.
For a complete guide on eye-makeup and learning the makeup tricks ( and makeup tips (, look here at

Friday, July 13, 2012

Free Samples from Truth or Dare Cosmetics

If you want to try Truth or Dare Cosmetics for Free send a stamped envelope (with your info and another stamped envelop back to you) to:
Truth or Dare Cosmetics 
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Greentop Mo. 63546 

and TOD Cosmetics will send you some for free sample. Again you need to send one stamped to Truth or Dare, and one stamped back to you. It may take up to two weeks depending on demand. They are not charging for these and they will come in baggies. These are random samples you do not get to choose the colors.
Make sure you visit

Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Ready for a Photo Shoot Everytime (Makeup Tips)

With the widespread availability of camera phones, portable digi-cams, SLR or point and shoot cameras, photo shoots need not to be in a studio anymore. May it be creative shots, simple family portraits, or just even random shoots, you have to admit that you want to look good in these photos. This guide will help you apply makeup like you’re ready for a photo shoot every-time.

Tip #1
Do Your Makeup a Bit Heavier than Usual
If you’re used to your usual day-to-day makeup, you might want to accentuate a little more. Makeup in photos, especially those taken in studios or rooms where there are a lot of lights, tend to look pale or fade out. Your makeup doesn’t really have to be very dark, just a bit heavy. Once you have applied your first layer, powder it down and go back and apply another layer. You can try to have a few more pats of powder or blush and another swipe of gloss.

Tip #2
Always Lighten Under the Eyes
As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Photos often reveal how one feels just by looking at their smile, gestures, and most importantly, the eyes. Always lighten under the eyes and around the entire eye because we want the eyes to be bright and sparkly. It is recommended to use a concealer that is a lighter shade than the usual.

Tip #3
Enhance Some Areas of Your Face Using Makeup
The light around you or the in the studio as well as the camera flash will actually hit certain areas of the face so, it is advisable to enhance some areas of your face. You can enhance the bridge of your nose as well as the top of your forehead and chin area. These are areas that the light will hit first so, You might want to actually soften them with foundation to make your face look nice and shine-free in the picture.

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