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Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to Find the Best Kids Modeling Agencies

Photo from 2014 by Josh Hettinger
The entertainment industry is not exclusively for adults. Children also have roles to play, be it in dancing, acting, singing or even modeling. When your child expresses interest in any of these fields of entertainment, it is up to you, as a parent, to nurture the interest and mentor them. You can do this with the help of kids modeling agencies.
These agencies specialize in giving exposure to kids with a talent or the potential for modeling. There are many places you can look for kids model agencies. The fastest way is through the internet. Many agencies have established themselves online, requiring only a login for you to be able to contact them.
When looking for the best agencies for your child, it is prudent to look at their records of success. This implies that you must delve into a background check of every agency you would like to use. The study should be able to bring up the records. You can conduct them through an online research or recommendations. More often than not, when you contact an agency through a personal recommendation you are bound to experience top quality services.
You can find a lot of likely agencies from the background check. You need to narrow down the list further, by eliminating the expensive agencies. As you contact each agency, check their rates. Some agencies provide services and only charge their fee upon the success of the child model. Identifying such agencies can be a big plus.
Photo from 2013 by Josh Hettinger
Look out for agencies that charge insanely high prices. There are also those that charge before they take the kid on board for modeling. There are chances that these could be scams. Parents should be very cautious when contacting agencies they know nothing about, as they could be scams. You may end up paying many charges, only to be told you child has not made it as a model.
Once you have figured out the most ideal kids modeling agencies, send photographs of your kid to them. At this point, you will require the services of a professional photographer. Let the expert take shots of your kid in natural situations. A camera with the latest technology is the best choice as it will produce high class photography, which will speak volumes for your child's resume.
Among other details you will send to the modeling agencies are the experience of the kid. Your kid may have featured in a commercial or a voice-over at some point. It is important to mention this. You should avoid lying. If your kid is a first-timer, tell the agency that. This will enable the agents to get the best suited modeling calls for your child.
As you take your child to the kids model agencies of your choice, ensure you have understood their terms and conditions. Never sign anything without first reading between the lines. This can save you from being bound by a contract that is unfavorable for your child. However, the most important thing is to ensure that your child is happy with the modeling. After all, it is all about pursuing a hobby and developing a talent.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What are comp cards? And do I need them?

What are comp cards?

In a nutshell, comp cards (short for composite cards) are a form of advertisement and promotion for fashion, glamour and other types of models. They come in many different shapes, layout styles and sizes giving models the benefit of being creative when choosing how their promotional piece will look.

Benefits of comp cards

You'll find that there are many advantages of having composite cards made to promote yourself as a model. Here are just a few ...


There is an old saying in the modeling industry; If you want to be treated as a professional model, look like a professional model. This stands true for the images you show also.

When you present your composite cards with beautiful, well-chosen photos to an agency representative or a potential client, he or she knows that you are serious about your career and will treat you as such.

By no means does this insure that you will get a job with that client or agent but it sure puts you way ahead of many of the other models who are in competition with you.

You will not get a second chance to make a first impression!!!

Don't be so anxious to start your modeling career that you skip a step which could open (or close) a door for you. Your composite cards are that important. Be a professional and hand them a comp card instead of a snapshot.

Most people don't throw away pictures

By now you may be thinking; "What if I just have normal business cards made to leave with agents and clients?".

Yes, you could have business cards made for less trouble and expense and I encourage you to do just that. Business cards are another way of presenting yourself as a professional model.

But, agents and clients sometimes throw out business cards or they put them in their pockets and lose them.

Most people hesitate to throw away pictures which is what your comp cards look like. They are more likely to file your composites along with the other professional models in their files for future reference so you have at least a small chance that they will see your photo again. Which, by the way, leads to ...

What do you look like?

One more thought about business cards. Unless there is a photo on the card you leave the client still won't remember your look when she is ready to choose models to represent. Now it becomes your business card against the other 100 composite cards she has on file. Who will win out? You guessed it!!

In addition to your headshot on the front of the card, the agent can also see 4-5 pictures on the back along with your all-important stats. This is your contact information and other important aspects of what you have to offer as a model.

Give yourself a chance to model

Give yourself a chance to be seen and contacted by always leaving your composite card with all contacts. There is a certain safety in numbers, the comp cards are not that expensive, so don't be stingy with them.

Composite card layout and design

Below is an outline for basic comp card design to give you an idea of what your card will include. You can see examples of composites at CompCard.Com . Notice how professional these look as compared to just sending a photograph.

The layout is pretty simple for a two-sided card

Front - The front will generally include a photo covering the front of the card (I suggest a good, strong headshot here) along with your name in bold letters.

Back - On the back there is room for about four to six images showing different looks (indoor and outdoor) in a variety of outfits with at least one good full-body shot (swim wear or tight-fitting clothing).

Also, on the back of the composite will be statistical information such as ...

Contact information (Who to contact, phone, email, web address, etc.)

- Height
- Weight
- Bust size / Cup size
- Waist size
- Hip size
- Dress size
- Shoe size
- Hair color
- Hair length (short, shoulder length, long)
- Eye color
- Type(s) of modeling jobs preferred (i.e. commercial, fashion shows, runway, glamour, artistic, promotional, etc.)

How and where to get composite cards

It's really a simple process to have your comp cards designed and printed.

IMPORTANT: The first step is to have photos made by a professional model photographer who can give you usage and reprint rights. I can't stress enough the importance of starting with great pictures. If you send in a snapshot that your cousin Irma took, you're going to get a snapshot on a comp card -- A disaster!!

With that said, there is no need to feel overwhelmed with the details of getting your comp card ready. There are many companies online such as CompCard.Com who have design styles and templates online which will help you every step of the way.

Remember too that there are many different versions of comp cards so it's all up to you how your finished composite card will look.

Now you can start your modeling career off right by having professional composite cards you'll be proud to show. Just do it!!

How To Launch A Glamour Modeling Career By: Kavya Madhavan Modeling Tips & Glamour Models Advice

Despite the stereotypes, breaking into the modeling industry requires a lot more than beauty. It requires dedication, smarts and perseverance. First and foremost is to realize how difficult it is to become a top fashion model in such a competitive industry. Aspiring models often , How do I get into modeling? Or, How do I get started in modeling? i will discuss here discusses the various types of modeling, and what it takes to make it in this challenging yet fun profession.
sexy model, learning how to pose, by Josh Hettinger Photography
Photo take by Josh Hettinger
There are basically five different types of modeling. And these are as
1. COMMERCIAL MODELING (Television, Catalogs and Print-Ads).
2. PROMOTIONAL MODELING (Tradeshows, Retail, Car Shows, Events).
3. FASHION MODELING (includes Runway, Fashion Shows).
4. INTERNET MODELING (web-sites, live webcam, etc.).
COMMERCIAL MODELING (Television, Catalogs and Print-Ads):
Commercial models help promote products and services through ads in the electronic media such as Television and the Internet as well as through Print Advertising. They appear in commercials/ads, on product packaging, in magazines, on billboards, etc., and help promote all kinds of products and services ranging from computer equipment to medicines, apparel, shoes and cosmetics.
PROMOTIONAL MODELING (Tradeshows, Retail, Car Shows, Events):
Promotional modeling includes work at Tradeshows and Conventions, handing out Product Samples in Retail Stores, helping promote products or services at Car Shows, Boat Shows, Events, etc. What differentiates Promotional Modeling from Commercial Modeling above is the fact that for Promotional Modeling you have to be there in person, because you yourself (not your photo or video) are doing the promoting. While it may not appear as glamorous as Commercial Modeling, it can provide good income opportunities, and the jobs are usually easier to get.

FASHION MODELING (includes Runway, Fashion Shows):
Fashion models help launch new products and designs such as in apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, swimwear, beachwear, etc. The walk the runway in fashion shows. Many large fashion shows also get media coverage, and a good fashion model can get print exposure in leading fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, etc. Similarly, if a fashion show is being covered by the broadcast media, there is a chance that you may appear on Television too.

Internet modeling, whether it is for static content on web-sites or for live webcam or streaming video is a popular segment. Generally, you have to be over 18 years of age

Photographers hire models all the time, either to build their own portfolios or to create content for Licensing to others and/or for Stock-Photo purposes. The PhotoShoot can be either a paid shoot (where the model gets paid either on an hourly basis or a flat fee) or TFP (trade Time for Prints), or TFCD (trade
Time for CD-ROM images). In the TFP or TFCD arrangement no money changes hands. It is just a trade or swap. The photographer invests his/her time, expertise and equipment, and the model invests his/her time. Thus, they can create some content together that both parties can use to further their own professional goals, respectively. Stock Photo Agencies sometimes commission a photographer to take certain pictures that can then be sold or licensed to different companies for use in advertising and marketing materials.
Glamour Modeling Career Tips :
1. Be careful which photographs you download and show. It might be intriguing to only put sexy or bikini shots up, but by doing this you limit your audience and resume.
2. Be honest and up front with your goals. Don't work with photographers who don't have any goals if you take modeling seriously. Make goals, say " I want to be a in a magazine in a year." Then focus on that goal and the type of magazines that might be easy access to getting inside of.
3. Finding a magazine. If you are 5 foot there is still a magazine out there for you. Consider these types of magazines because modeling is more than Playboy and Vogue.
4. Have a point when you shoot, rip out magazines samples, style the hair, the clothing, the makeup, think deeper about your shoots because your images will sell you. They speak without words about the type of model you are...and most importantly about where you are going.

Just because you are short, petite, or curvy doesn't mean you can't model. But be realistic. You might never be a supermodel, but you can enjoy making some nice extra cash as a model and gain some editorial, commercial, and magazine and editorial work along the way and maybe meet some great friends too.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One of our Photos Made it on!

It is so exciting how far we have came in the past few years. So far this year we have been in 2 magazines and now on We continue to grow each and every year and love all of the great clients that we have met. If you need a Glamour or Boudoir photographer you know where to find the best one. :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Ways to Prepare for your Glamour or Boudoir Shoot

Let’s face it, most people do not enjoy having their photos taken. So you can only imagine how that discomfort must increase ten-fold when they decide to do a glamour or even boudoir shoot … in their underwear.

Photo taken by Josh Hettinger
Never fear, I am here to give you a few simple tips on preparing for your boudoir shoot. And they do not include starving yourself or working out like a mad woman. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, curvy looks best in this type of photography (and in real life in my opinion!)

1. Do not apply fake tanner. I know this is hard, especially if you are totally white like I am. But really, the camera is only going to enhance that un-natural orange glow you have and you will end up looking weird.

2. Do apply lotion. LOTS of lotion, or oil. By keeping your skin super moisturized, you will create a natural looking glow that will come across in your photos as ethereal and heavenly.

3. Wear false eyelashes. I really can’t stress this one enough. When I did my first shoot, all of the girls opted to wear false lashes. They make look somewhat fake in real life and you may feel weird wearing them. However, in the photos they make a HUGE difference. You actually don’t really notice them in the pictures, but you will notice their effect. They accentuate your eyes and give them a gorgeous almond shape. These are a must-have!

Photo taken by Josh Hettinger
4. Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie. You will probably never do anything like this again (although some people make it a yearly practice!) so really make an event out of it. Treat yourself to some beautiful lingerie. Not only will this make your photos more interesting, it will boost your confidence, making you look your best. Be sure to try the lingerie on beforehand, and maybe bring a friend with you to the dressing room that will be totally honest. Something may look gorgeous on the hanger, but not be the most flattering for your body. The opposite is also true. Something may not look like much on the hanger, but if it plays up your body’s best features, it will look stunning. Choose a lingerie store where you will receive personal attention and helpful advice from experts who will help you choose the right look for you and proper fit.

5. If you’re worried about your mid-section, watch what you eat and drink. Now, I certainly don’t mean go on a diet for your shoot! However, there are certain foods and drinks that can cause bloating so try to avoid those for a day or two before your shoot. But please, eat!

6. Get a manicure and pedicure, or at least do one yourself. People tend to forget about their nails, but they do show up in a majority of your photos. Chipped nail polish is not pretty. Also, try to choose a neutral nail color so they don’t distract from your gorgeous face.

Photo taken by Josh Hettinger
7. Look at this as a once-in-a-lifetime investment. As I said, most of you will never do anything like this again so the photos you receive from it will be a keepsake that should last forever. How fun will it be to show your granddaughter (when she’s older of course!) how beautiful you looked and what a nice gift you gave to your husband!

8. Don’t be nervous. I promise you, you will look FABULOUS. Your insecurities will melt as you get in front of the camera. This is your time to feel sexy so you need to relax and have fun! Nervousness and lack of self-confidence will show up on your photos. Just remind yourself that no matter how you THINK you look, you will look amazing in the end. We will highlight your favorite body parts and downplay your least favorite ones.!

9. Do this for yourself. No matter who you are doing this boudoir shoot for, deep down it is really for YOU. The end result (photographs) may be going to someone else, but the experience itself is ALL yours. It is just me and you in the room during the shoot and I want you to be comfortable, have fun and WORK IT!

Photo taken by Josh Hettinger
10. Do push yourself to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone during the shoot.Some girls think they will stay totally covered up during the entire shoot. Of course, you can if you want. But many girls, once they are in the swing of it and having fun, decide to get a little risqué. I am not talking about totally nude or anything, but maybe a hint of nudity. I am all about making your photos tasteful and classy, but also creating something that you (and your husband) will LOVE. Some of the best shots come when you let down your guard a little.

And remember, I NEVER post your photos without your permission.
I hope that helps you get a better idea of how to prepare yourself for your photo shoot. I’ve never met a lady who said, “Gee, I wish I didn’t get gorgeous, sexy photos of myself taken!” So treat yourself to a confidence boosting shoot today that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

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Winner of the November 2012 Contest

All the votes are in for the Free Glamour Shoot! The Winner of the Contest is...
Laura Shackelford

Second place was Alexis Curtis  (She will receive 50% off of a Glamour Session)

And third place was Jordon Hinshaw (She will received 35% off of a Glamour Session)

For all the others who entered, they will received 20% off of a Glamour Session 

(all discounted sessions must be booked before 12/31/12 to receive discount)
NEW CONTEST..coming SOON! Check back for details!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What does TFP mean in modeling? What does TFCD mean?

In the modeling industry you will surely hear these acronyms come up in conversation; freely thrown around amongst models, photographers, makeup artists, and modeling agencies. It is important to understand what these acronyms stand for, as well as the concept of what they are and what they entail.
Essentially the terms TFP and TFCD both represent a trade.
  • What is TFP? “TFP” stands for “Time for Print”
  • What is TFCD? “TFCD” stands for “Time for CD”
  • What is TF*? TF* is a more ambiguous term; meaning “Time for…” with the * implying that a negotiation that will occur between the individual parties
TFP signifies that the photographer will provide the model with prints of the photos they take, in exchange for her modeling services. These prints may either be physical (for example, 8×10 glossy prints to add to your portfolio), or digital (photos sent to you via email). It is important to clarify with the photographer beforehand
TFCD signifies that the photographer will provide the model with a CD containing the images from their photoshoot, in exchange for her modeling services.
These terms signify that the model and photographer (or makeup artist, stylist, etc.) are in full agreement that the work and services they are providing is a trade amongst themselves; neither party will receive a payment, nor will they make a payment. Their “currency” is the service they are providing, not money.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fashion Modeling – Making a career in the Glamours World

Photo Shoot in Peoria, IL
Are you admiring of turning into a fashion model? Do you desire to be the next good-looking face on a popular publication cover? Does the idea of parading losing a runway in the newest fashions appeal to you? Becoming a fashion model is not as difficult as you might think.

Do not guess that all models must weight 100 pounds and stand five feet eight inches, this is simply not right. As in other professions, fashion models come in a variety of shapes, colors, and extent and perform a variety of fashion modeling jobs for magazines, newspapers, fashion shows, and television.

If you desire to know more regarding how to follow the amiable career of being a fashion model, here are a few tips that can help you out:

Read books on fashion modeling. Start as a teen model or even before, visit the records to make use of books or videos about the skill of fashion modeling. Resources may grace with your presence to related topics, such as grooming, fashion, and etiquette and not just fashion modeling alone. Learn how to walk, talk, and smile gracefully, among other things, so you will be ready once a fashion modeling chance comes along, since being pretty sometimes isn't enough.

Photo of Jazmin in Kirksville, MO Studio
Many society colleges or public groups offer non-credit modeling classes for individual improvement. Sign up for the next fashion modeling class, which sometimes may include modeling techniques under other titles, such as "Deportment" or "Fashion Design." Learn all you can about latest stylish hairstyles and the latest makeup to prepare for your calling to the fashion world.

Raise your own beauty in preparation for fashion modeling. Find the excellent hairstyle for your features. Experiment with arrangement for a look that enhances rather than cover your natural beauty. Exercise and eat healthy for a shape that moves stylishly and confidently for fashion modeling. Try on a variety of styles of clothing to recognize the styles that admiring comment your appearance. Practice smiling in the reflect and decide which your “best” side is. Most fashion models desire to be photographed from either the left or right side.

Enroll in a professional modeling course. The goal for these courses is not essentially to get students a modeling job, but to educate them how to accent their best features to achieve female confidence and a self-confident manner. You will appear feeling, and move more comfortably after taking a modeling course of related type. You also can make proficient associates that may guide you to an agency for a test if you appear to be what they are looking for.

Respond to a fashion model test call. Modeling agencies normally promote on the radio and in newspapers when they are sponsoring a search for new talent. They may appoint a sure day when applicants are invited to visit the modeling agency for a test and possible interview. Call forward to find out what type of model they are looking for and whether you need to formulate special planning, such as bringing props for a photograph shoot.

Becoming a fashion model can be enjoyable, demanding, and satisfying. The above opinion on how to become a model should get you on your modeling way.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Ready for a Photo Shoot Everytime (Makeup Tips)

With the widespread availability of camera phones, portable digi-cams, SLR or point and shoot cameras, photo shoots need not to be in a studio anymore. May it be creative shots, simple family portraits, or just even random shoots, you have to admit that you want to look good in these photos. This guide will help you apply makeup like you’re ready for a photo shoot every-time.

Tip #1
Do Your Makeup a Bit Heavier than Usual
If you’re used to your usual day-to-day makeup, you might want to accentuate a little more. Makeup in photos, especially those taken in studios or rooms where there are a lot of lights, tend to look pale or fade out. Your makeup doesn’t really have to be very dark, just a bit heavy. Once you have applied your first layer, powder it down and go back and apply another layer. You can try to have a few more pats of powder or blush and another swipe of gloss.

Tip #2
Always Lighten Under the Eyes
As they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Photos often reveal how one feels just by looking at their smile, gestures, and most importantly, the eyes. Always lighten under the eyes and around the entire eye because we want the eyes to be bright and sparkly. It is recommended to use a concealer that is a lighter shade than the usual.

Tip #3
Enhance Some Areas of Your Face Using Makeup
The light around you or the in the studio as well as the camera flash will actually hit certain areas of the face so, it is advisable to enhance some areas of your face. You can enhance the bridge of your nose as well as the top of your forehead and chin area. These are areas that the light will hit first so, You might want to actually soften them with foundation to make your face look nice and shine-free in the picture.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photography Posing Tips for Models


Most beautiful photographs don’t come naturally even with the most beautiful models. A photographer can give you some photo tips and guide you through a variety of model poses throughout the photo shoot. But whether you aspire to appear in print magazines or do high fashion shows, these modeling poses and photo tips will help you achieve more perfect photographs.
  1. Breathe
    Do not hold your breath for a modeling pose; always remember to breathe and appear at ease. 
  2. Posture
    Keep your back straight and your shoulders up. Slouching affects the mood of the photograph and enlarges the appearances of your stomach. Flex your stomach muscles. This will make your abdomen appear more toned despite your weight or state of shape.
  3. Limbs
    When posing, make sure to differentiate your arms and legs with asymmetrical poses. If you have one arm long and straight by your side, make sure the other arm is bent. The bend will make the modeling pose look more real, less artificial. Continue the asymmetry to your legs. If one leg is locked straight, give the other leg a casual bend.
  4. Camera
    Do not always look directly into the camera. To enhance the quality of your photo shoot, look away from the camera with a mix of head and eye poses. Your head and neck can remain stationary and your eyes can do all the work. Look off to the right or left side.  Tilt your neck. Try different facial expressions.
  5. Sitting Poses
    Don’t slack off during sitting poses. If you are sitting down or reclining, put your weight on the back of one thigh, rather than distributing your weight equally on both thighs. This pose will result in a slimming effect!
  6. Cleavage
    While leaning forward bring your arms together at your waist, keep your arms straight at the elbows and clasp your hands together below your waist, or simply cross your arms.  When leaning backward, raise your arms about your shoulders and head, keep your arms apart. Both poses will help maximize your cleavage.
  7. Smile
    To add variety to your modeling poses, try switching up your smile with a cute frown, a bratty bout, a friendly laugh, or even an edgy scowl. Your facial expressions can make or break your modeling poses.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Fantasy Black Photo Shoot Contest Girls

Fantasy Black Contest Girls
Alright here are the girls that entered the Fantasy black photo shoot contest! We are changing how the voting process goes! BECAUSE Facebook does not allow picture competitions on facebook... So below is what you will need to do to VOTE!
(What is the fantasy black contest...well CLICK HERE to find out....(after you

Step 1. Find the girl that you want to vote for!

Step 2. Under the picture will be a number! Send us an email with the picture number in the subject line of the email! (ONE VOTE PER PERSON!) We will be checking email address to make sure :)

Step 3. To vote CLICK HERE! <-----  ( or send it to

I think that i should be a part of the black collection because i think that we can get some not great...but some AMAZING JAW DROPPING shots! I have been working hard to become a better model (working on poses and facial expressions). There are not too many african american models in this area so i def want to be able to take some gr8 pics so that i can represent for the women of color in this area! I hope that i get a chance to be a part of the black collection


I would love to win the photo session because it would be a wonderful way to start off the New Year! It's just what I need to help put a fresh start on this year & this new journey I have recently begun!

I think I should be chosen because ur work is awesome. Our styles are very similar so when you put the 2 together I think we could collaborate and make awesome work!

I'm 23 years old and i am entering this contest for a chance to show my boyfriend that after nearly 3 years i can still be full of surprises! He does so much for me every single day that I would love to do this for him. It would be a prefect Valentines Day Gift!! Please vote for me!!!

I would like a free session. Not only because I want to see if I still
have the look for it. I miss doing this. I don't have the money to get
a session because I am raising three kids and I work at Walmart. They
don't pay well at all. But it was all I could find. I may have a few
tattoos. But I am who I am because of everything I have been through.

I would like this shoot because.... I love the camera and the camera loves me. LOL jk, well, there are a few reasons, I am trying to get some more pics for my portfolio, and also I dont get to do a lot of things for myself; single mom, 2 jobs.. BUT this would be something fun for me to do for me.

I'm full time manager and cosmetologist at Cost Cutters. I'm also a mother of two beautiful children. This shoot would be awesome to win. I've been wanting to book a session with you since last spring. I love your photos. I just struggle with the idea of spending all that money on myself when I have two kids to provide for.

I would like to win the fantasy photo shoot because my life has dramatically changed in the past few months i have realized i want live life without regrets because i am a beautiful strong independent woman.

I want this free session, because I enjoy taking pictures & want to somewhat pursue a career in modeling of some sort..if I got this session, it would help me start with my portfolio..and would be a lot of fun! Pick me!!:)

Hi, my name is Kristina Morrone. Everyone has always told me I should model and it has always been a dream of mine but I need to get started somewhere. I believe that this photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to take some really amazing pictures and maybe it could jump start my modeling career.

My husband is at basic training right now for the army and will soon start again he has been gone since oct 17th with two weeks off for Christmas break. We won’t be together again till the end of march.

I want to win the fantasy black photo shoot contest because I'm 26, almost  27 year old single mom of two. I just recently had my second only a month ago as you know. I'm working really hard to not only get my body back to the pre-pregnancy norm but toned and in the best shape ever and I would love to have some great professional photos to show that off that I look back on years from now and say, "That was me at 26 after two kids!"

My name is Stephanie. I'm a single mother of 2 wonderfully obnoxious girls and I work 2 nursing jobs. I spend most my time in scrubs or sweats and have no time to feel pretty or confident. I loved my previous pictures by Hettinger Photography and would love more than anything to have the opportunity again to feel like a beautiful woman!

Well, I am a married, working mother of two. In the last year I've recently lost 45 pounds :) As you can see in the picture! I think this would be the perfect reward for me, and my husband! :)

I would like the free photo session because I have been trying to see myself in a beautiful way. I do not have extra money to afford this kind of session to see the beauty that you capture with your fantasy sessions. I work hard with a full time job while trying to get my bachelors degree. I am petite and curvy but have been slimming down my waist through Zumba and want to show it off! I just want to feel sexy! Being single is hard enough! Lol

I feel as if I could bring a new look to Hettinger Photography.  I have reviewed your work and I know that I can be something different, fresh and exotic for your business.

Send us an email with the picture number in the subject line of the email! (ONE VOTE PER PERSON!) We will be checking email address to make sure :)
send email to

Also like our Boudoir Facebook page and follow us on Twitter
and check out our website!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Old Cars in Fun Places

What photographer doesn't love taking pictures by old cars! Here are some that we have taken by an old Volkswagen and Cadillac! We have a lot of property to photography on with over 10 old vehicles, with land in Kirksville and Knox county. I will post more of the old cars later, but you can view to see more!