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Thursday, January 19, 2012

iPad Blog Test

Alright so here is the first blog test that I am creating on my iPad. Lets just see how well this really turns out! Posting the picture was pretty easy so that a good start! If anyone is wondering what I am creating this post on its called..BLOGSY you can find it in that app store. Ok well lets just create a link going to our website. If you click on Hettinger Photography it should take you to our website! The only thing I really need to try next is upload a YouTube video..and I will try that at the end of the post.                                                                              
16 Year Old from Peoria, IL
16 Year Old From Peoria, IL that we Photographed
 Alright well since I made you read all that I will give you a few photography tips! Some of you will probably already know this, but you never want to forget the little things.
  1. Get down to your subjects level
  2. Stick with the 1/3 method
  3. And use your flash outdoors  
And here is the Youtube Video post! Over all I give the Blogsy app. 3.5 out of 5 f/

   (Hettinger Photography's Lil' Cowboy Man!)